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Thank You Gail !! From Bruce Staples

         Since the year 2000 the Eastern Idaho Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo (EIFTE) has offered a logo in hard copy form and engraved on a brass pin.  These commemorate each annual event. By 2002 and extending to the present, each logo hard copy and engraved pin honors a particular native fly pattern. Transforming a photograph of each fly to a workable image then on to hard copy and a pin is difficult artistically and physically to result in an image on an attractive setting.  For years members of the EIFTE organizing committee struggled accordingly.

              A particularly accomplished husband and wife came aboard the EIFTE organizing committee fairly recently.  With academic degrees ranging upward through Master of Fine Arts, having been Professor of Jewelry and Metals at Idaho State University Department of Art, later Chair of that Department, both now emeritus, the lady of the couple observed the efforts with which the EIFTE staff had struggled.  With ability to apply deep artistic experience through having awards, exhibitions and grants on an international basis, this lady took ownership of transforming photographed flies into artful logos for hard copy and for a presentation quality brass pin. See the most recent fruits of this lady’s efforts in this year’s logo and pin. That lady is Gail Dial, and to Gail we of the EIFTE organizing committee are in debt. Gail: we thank you for your efforts that enriched this event, and we hope you are in the future of more artful logos.


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